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Upper Gallery

Home-made cards for friends and family

Aldo Benini, AU Park

Aldo is a Swiss national who has lived in AU Park since 2000. Now retired, one of his hobbies is making unique birthday cards for friends and family. His creations combine an image, a poem, and a personal message in English or German, and sometimes French. His images are often his own photos. His biggest challenge is finding an image and a poem that meaningfully relate to each other. Empathy with the individual recipient is the key driver. Aldo shared three different cards with Little Gallery.

Lower Gallery

Mythical Creatures

Nathan Edelmann Archives from Fessenden Street

When our son, Nathan, was five and six years old, he was captivated by Greek mythology. At home, sitting at the kitchen counter, we put together a book of his drawings of his favorite mythological characters. Here are a few, which we hope you’ll enjoy!

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If you are proud of a painting, drawing, song, poem, very short story, or comedy routine that you’ve created, why not share it with our supportive community? Anything, so long as it’s in good taste, is acceptable.

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